Manta Checker Demo

  • Automates code reviews, helps you quickly fix errors and improves your company’s data governance with a set of custom rules
  • Supports Teradata, Informatica and Oracle
  • Allows you to use our samples, upload your scripts or copy&paste your source code
  • Demo has a limited number of sample rules made by our developers, ask for the free trial to add your own rules in the full version

Step 1: Pick the technology ?What type of scripts would you like to check? You can choose the type later.

Step 2: Select a scenario to validate your source code ? Just pick one for now, you'll be able to add more in your trial/full version later.

Step 3: Select the type of input ? We'll check only what you upload, bigger solution with dashboard and stats is available in our free trial.

Step 4: Push the data in ? Make sure you are uploading whole scripts or workflows. Or just let us know and we'll walk you through it.

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Make sure that encoding of the script is selected correctly otherwise validations will fail.

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